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West Caldwell, New Jersey
Pay Rate: $14.25/hr
Work Schedule: Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.
Hours: 5:00 pm to 1:30 a.m.

After conversion to Direct Hire-Union Position- Medical, Dental & Vision Benefits are FREE- paid OT after 8 hours

Essential Duties And Responsibilities:
. Selects product according to proper selection procedures.
         A. Collects picking labels from warehouse office and keys onto the System using Company's Preferred Methods.
         B. Selects items from label and numerical sequence.
                  1. Locates correct slot.
                  2. Uses scan gun
                  3. Places label on case.
                  4. Selects item by slot number.
                  5. Places item on pallet.
. Operates double pallet jack or other lift equipment.
 Constructs pallets according to proper pallet-building procedure.
          A. Lifts items in proper, safe manner.
          B. Builds base, with items properly placed throughout.
          C. Maximizes use of cube.
          D. Minimizes damage and/or crushing.
 Travels to assigned door with pallet as indicated on Daily Board posting.
. Stretch-wraps pallets and marks store number according to procedures. 6. Reports damaged goods and/or problems to supervisor. 
 Reports to supervisor and/or removes from use any broken forklifts and other broken equipment.
 Selects fruits and vegetables on separate pallet using special cover.
. Pulls pallet jack forks out of pallet when wrapping to avoid stepping on forks.
. Loads trucks according to load specification, as assigned.
. Performs slot drops using hi-lo, as assigned.
. Performs sanitation duties, as assigned.

Required Knowledge, Skills, Abilities and Experience:
• Meets the physical demands of the job as outlined below.
• Follows directions, instructions and routines.
• Reads words and numbers.
• Drives lift equipment in a safe manner.
• Follow safety precautions, procedures and regulations.
• Demonstrates a cooperative manner.  
• Keeps lift truck certification in good standing at all times.
• Warehouse selection experience strongly preferred.  
Additional Requirements:
Must be able to work as scheduled; facility is open 24/7.
• Must be able to work overtime; overtime is mandatory and is dictated by the needs of the business.  

 Working Conditions: Cold refrigerated warehouse environment, concrete floors, and some damp/wet areas.
High school or equivalency preferred.

Physical Demands:
The physical demands include, but are not limited to, repetitive bending, lifting, pulling, reaching, standing and carrying heavy objects.  More specifically a Selector/Receiver must be able to perform all of the following functions which place physical demands on them.
• Bending and reaching into slots to pull out product in boxes, bags, bins or crates of varying shapes and weights.
Lifting up, carrying and placing product on a pallet.  Product may weigh up to 70 pounds. 
• Carrying product for up to 3 – 4 feet and lowering it to the pallet.
• Driving various lift equipment, using hand controls and standing for extended periods of time.
• Vision must adequate so as to operate lift equipment safely.  This includes close vision, distance vision, peripheral vision and ability to adjust focus.
• Hearing must be adequate so as to hear horns, approaching lift equipment, verbal instructions and emergency alarms.
• Wraps pallets with stretch wrap.  This requires holding a heavy roll throughout the wrapping; also requires bending and twisting of the torso.
• Physical demands are continuous for the duration of the shift, typically 8 – 10 hours.

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